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A new app will give sheep producers the power to see their stock’s future from the palms of their hands.

Down under. Texas farmers and ranchers visited Australia and New Zealand. And learned about agriculture a world away.
The CSIRO is continuing to build its collaborative partnerships both with government, industry, universities and other national and international research agencies to help achieve health and biosecurity solutions that are pre-emptive, responsive, resilient, and based on cutting edge surveillance, informatics and other technologies.
Chefs from across Sydney came together for the inaugural Australian Pork Limited Food Service Symposium in November to discuss a range of industry topics. The forum brought together speakers with a variety of experience who shared ideas about the future of the growing and diverse food service sector.
This video shows how resource material developed Australian Pork Limited helps teachers and students in primary and junior secondary schools explore new and existing methods and technologies involved on Australian pig farms to house, produce pigs, manage resources sustainably and adapt to changes in animal welfare standards, temperature, extreme events, rainfall and its distribution. Students are given an insight into ways farmers care for their animals and are designing housing systems using a variety of housing regimes, designed with improving yields, environmental stewardship principles and animal welfare standards in mind.
Hosted by Jess Pryles, this guide will breakdown the different cuts of pork ribs, explain why it's so hard to find meaty ribs in Australia, and includes cooking tips from the Australasian Barbecue Alliance pitmasters.
Caleb Smith - Increasing Born Alive (BA): where should we focus? Kia-Ora Piggery presenting on Increasing BA : Where should we focus? at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo
Hollis Ashman - Premium food into China: lessons for the pork industry Australian Pork Limited.
Pat Mitchell - AMR in Australia: where are we at and what do we need to do?.
Rob Van Barneveld - Variation and its hidden costs. Pan Pacific Pork Expo. SunPork Farms.
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