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Dr Aarti (Arty) Tobin is the Team Leader for the Meat Science Team at CSIRO, based at Coopers Plains in Brisbane. 

Aarti has a degree in Food Technology and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Queensland in the area of texture and rheology of texture-modified foods for people with swallowing disorders sufferers. 

Aarti has extensive experience in product development and has developed commercially successful value-added meat products for local and export markets.
Melbourne Football Club AFL star midfielder Bernie Vince is very proud of his country heritage, so much so that when asked to shear a sheep on the MCG, he did so in his usual laconic style.
Tracey Gosling, founder & consultant at Gosling Skein Innovation Group, discusses how current and future consumer purchasing power will shape the agricultural industry.

A total of 76 Australian workers, on 22 June last year, had been killed while at work during the preceding 12 months and agriculture has been judged the most ‘dangerous’ contributor.

Meat & Livestock Australia has called in Dame Edna Everage to help sell the dietary benefits of beef to iron deficient women. The ‘You’re Better on Beef’ campaign builds on the nutritional messages of previous MLA campaigns, particularly targeting women who are not getting enough iron. Dame Edna delivers an impassioned ‘address to the nation’ that you can watch now in our features section on this page. MLA research shows that while one in three Australian women suffers low iron, many seek alternative sources such as leafy green veggies rather than beef which, it says, is the world’s ‘best source’ of dietary iron.

Wholegrain Teff is a tiny grain that has been a staple of traditional Ethiopian cooking for thousands of years. 

It has a mild, nutty flavor and is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. 

Riverina producer Fraser McNaul has been working alongsideed with the CSIRO and has now has launched a range of Teff mixes and recipes nationally.

Eneabba brothers Ben and Sean Plozza have developed a new concept to help Western Australian grain growers alleviate severe non-wetting soil issues.
Healthy trees improve the efficiency of farm landscapes and improve human and livestock wellbeing. Research is helping to ensure the quality of newly planted trees so they have long and productive lives. Field researcher Dr Court Campany explains.

Livestock producers wishing to grow their businesses using accelerated innovation and adoption of new technologies will be able to access expertise and support as part of a new MLA Donor Company (MDC) pilot program.

A pipeline of products is being developed to advance Australia’s pork industry and, in some cases, is earning income for ongoing and future research and development according to Pork CRC’s Charles Rickard-Bell.

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