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The Coalition Government has signed a joint statement with China to deliver important market access for Australia’s red meat and live animal export industries.

Red meat producers will have long-term access to specialist coaches to boost management skills and increase on-farm adoption of R&D under a ground-breaking program to be launched by Meat & Livestock Australia this year.

Canada’s Clean Seed Capital presents the CX-6 SMART Seeder™ and SMART Cart™ technologies demonstrated live this year, with a look into the sophisticated manufacturing processes behind their production.
The Australian red meat integrity system is made up of NLIS, LPA & NVD. These ensure red meat is safe, ethical and of a high quality. Watch a short video on why integrity matters.
In the next 35 years, we’ll have to produce more food than all of the world’s production combined over the last 2000 years. So what will the farms of the future look like?

Mining the data stemming from wide-ranging new agricultural technologies to boost on-farm efficiency, increase product value, segregate markets, meet regulatory requirements and protect resources can appear overwhelming to many growers.

After years of research and development by the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science, a serogroup specific footrot vaccine is now being manufactured by Tréidlia Biovet Pty Ltd and is now available to Australian sheep producers.

60 Minutes- The Fluid Motion team once again took to the sky's to film Australia's largest cattle drive in more than a century! Pilot Richard Fraser & cameraman Alex Zattelman did an amazing job to film in the harshest Australian outback conditions to give the viewing audience something special from above.
Mustering Cattle on a bike in the ozzy outback. Never ever been on a bike let alone trying to direct cattle! 5/6 Mustering cattle for two days before sorting them in the house yards
Peter Schutz is the Chair at Food Innovation Australia Limited.
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