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Why Water Digital Farm TV has embarked on an plan to produce a video on the water cycle for use in education.

CarrotsLatest Testimonials on BEST Environmental Technologies for Corn

Carrots at its BEST
Latest Testimonials on BEST Environmental Technologies for Carrots

Beet at its BEST
Latest Testimonials on BEST Environmental Technologies for Beet

Yes it’s another video from America about what it takes to be a farmer. The sentiment is 100% accurate but I’m not sure what the blonde girl has to with the price of eggs. Make up your own minds if it’s a little over the top.

SEVEN OF the world's largest combines, CLAAS Lexions, made easy work of the crops during summer harvest at Rowena New South Wales.

Recently retired Auscott CEO David Anthony says Australia agriculture offers plenty of work options, competitive salaries, a great lifestyle and world-class technology. He discusses the challenges of attracting more young people to agriculture through education and skills training.

HARDI Nozzles
The HARDI nozzle selection tool can help you to choose the right nozzles for the application you are planning. Choose the desired volume and driving speed and select the current wind conditions. More Info

 Pro Grass Rotation
 Pro Grass Rotation for iPhone enables farmers to manage grass wedge with ease. Enter, update and view critical data while on the move.

Pro Dairy Event

Use your iPhone to track and receive alerts for key cow events such as medicationhoof paring and vet calls. The Pro Dairy Event app enables farmers to view current and historical data by herd or individual cow.

More info

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