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In November 2011, Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh released a report on "The impact of innovation on the dairy industry over the last 30 years".  Dairy Ausatralia MD, Ian Halliday, and DPI Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Research and Development, Bruce Kefford, talk about the findings in this short video.

While organic farming remains a 'niche', it’s going mainstream on our supermarket shelves and is enjoying growing offshore demand for certified organic meat, according to Biological Farming Australia's Andrew Monk
Snails are spreading havoc across the grain fields of South Australia and into parts of Victoria and WA. CSU Wagga Wagga’s Gavin Ash says tiny nematodes could hold the control key and national trials would begin within about two years.

Sheep measles study

MLA is funding a new two-year study to revisit sheep measles transmission; measure how much the parasite costs industry; and identify on-farm risk factors. Dr David Jenkins of the CSU Wagga Wagga School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences anticipates great benefits.

Researchers at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign are developing computerised robotic weeders. that run on solar power and much more.

Be Assured' describes the voluntary approaches used by the farm sector to address food safety, quality assurance, environment and animal care.
Keogh from the Australian Farm Institute explains how the growing movement to only consume local produce could actually destabilize the global food trade, be harmful to the environment and cause food shortages

Exclusive: RIRDC boss Craig Burns shares with Digital Farm TV his thoughts on research and growing demand for food. While the research world itself is reaching out for clarity, Craig Burns believes future production challenges can be mastered.

Respected industry analyst and commentator Julian Cribb fires up over the ‘coming famine’. Critical ‘tipping points’ for water, soil and fertiliser are closer than ever, he cautions. But, wait, there’s hope for us still..

FarmPlus Info director Brendan discusses his company’s online extension advice portal. If you want up-to-the-minute research from R&D corporations, government departments, universities and hundreds of online agricultural content sources, this is the place to start..

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