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Peter Davies - Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR): what's the world doing about it?
Darren Trott - AMR: new technologies to assist risk mitigation.
Mark Wilson - Recent advances in seasonal infertility and impacts of heat stress.
WildDogScan is a free digital resource for landholders, the community and pest controllers to map sightings of wild dogs, their impacts, and control activities in their local area.
Matt Barwick is an Invasive Animals CRC Project Leader working on the carp biocontrol project. Carp biocontrol has the potential to significantly improve Australia's inland waterways. Ensuring stakeholders are involved and engaged with this important project is vital.
Over 120 researchers involved in invasive animal research from Australia, the US and New Zealand met in Canberra in March 2015. CEO of the Invasive Animals CRC, Andreas Glanznig, was interviewed about the value of invasive animal research.
Camera 'trap' technology is helping researchers learn a lot about pest animal impacts, activities, behaviours and ecology. Tracking using GPS and satellite transmitters is also opening up a world of knowledge about pest animals, especially wild dogs.
Rabbits have a significant impact on livestock production. Cameron Allan from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) talks about how important the investment in rabbit biological controls has been for the livestock industry.
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