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Digital Farm TV is an online news platform for agriculture and agribusiness established in 2011 by communications veterans IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications, Sydney, and Digital Impact Productions, Albury.
Digital Farm TV was created to fill a serious gap in the way agricultural news and information has been delivered in Australia. 

We provide weekly rural news and innovation reports in high-resolution video direct to subscriber desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, wrapping up cross-industry news highlights in less than 10 minutes. Digital Farm TV also delivers text agri news updates as they occur daily.

We also provide a platform for industry to maintain an in-depth conversation with key stakeholders, food and fabric consumers and government agencies.

Editorial services are coordinated by a former six-year chair of the NSW Agriculture Ministerial Advisory Council, fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and Walkley Award winning former journalist, Mike Cahill.
Video production management is provided by Tony Grace, who has owned and operated a leading regional production company specialising in quality corporate image and training videos, live to air broadcast programming and TV commericals during the past 26 years.
Database management and administration is coordinated by Leonie Cahill..

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