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Australian Pork's…

May 07, 2017
Chefs from across Sydney came together for the inaugural Australian Pork Limited Food Service Symposium in November…
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Teaching Pork…

May 07, 2017
This video shows how resource material developed Australian Pork Limited helps teachers and students in primary and…

Pork Ribs 101

May 07, 2017
Hosted by Jess Pryles, this guide will breakdown the different cuts of pork ribs, explain why it's so hard to find…
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Increasing Born Alive…

May 07, 2017
Caleb Smith - Increasing Born Alive (BA): where should we focus? Kia-Ora Piggery presenting on Increasing BA : Where…

Premium food into…

May 07, 2017
Hollis Ashman - Premium food into China: lessons for the pork industry Australian Pork Limited.

Pat Mitchell - AMR in…

May 07, 2017
Pat Mitchell - AMR in Australia: where are we at and what do we need to do?.

Variation and its…

May 07, 2017
Rob Van Barneveld - Variation and its hidden costs. Pan Pacific Pork Expo. SunPork Farms.

Australian wild…

May 07, 2017
Jayne Gallagher - Australian wild abalone in China: ideas for the pork industry.

Anti Microbial…

May 07, 2017
Peter Davies - Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR): what's the world doing about it?

Risk Mitigation

May 07, 2017
Darren Trott - AMR: new technologies to assist risk mitigation.

Seasonal infertility…

May 07, 2017
Mark Wilson - Recent advances in seasonal infertility and impacts of heat stress.


Mar 08, 2017
This resource material aims to help teachers and students in junior secondary schools explore new and existing…
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Meat and livestock:…

Jun 27, 2016
Meat and livestock: Andrew Spencer ABARES Outlook 2016 conference

Pig farmer pride

Apr 25, 2014
Australian pig producers have experienced illegal break ins of their farms by some animal rights groups taking the…
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Sow stall freedom

Mar 06, 2014
Pork Australia CEO Andrew Spencer tells how two thirds of Australia’s pork production will be gestation stall free.…
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Nothing to hide

Jul 04, 2013
Australian pig producers have experienced illegal break ins by animal rights crusaders acting as self-appointed…
Friday, 04 March 2016 08:36

Controlled Traffic Farming CTF Vic No-Till

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is a farming system built on permanent wheel tracks where the crop zone and traffic lanes are permanently separated. By keeping machinery on permanent wheel tracks in every paddock your profitability and sustainability can be improved. The concept of CTF is not new. CTF has been researched and implemented for nearly two decades with Australia’s CTF pioneers coming from both research and farming backgrounds, so the benefits of the system have been measured in all soil conditions and climate zones. Still, the jury remains undecided in a few geographical pockets, making farmers, advisors 

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