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A NEW app aims to turn the shearing industry electronic.

The Shearing App is an electronic version of the shearing tally and wool book, providing a place to ­record and display shearing information.

The app has been privately developed and funded by Ross Paton — a shearer ­trainer with Shearer Wool Handler Training Inc, based in Ballarat — and shearing coach Dwayne Black. The app aims to make life a little ­easier for contractors, wool growers, wool classers and ­individual shearers.

Mr Paton said the app could be used to enter shorn sheep tallies, which are added up automatically, details of the bales of wool being produced, including branding ­requirements, and generate pay slips for each employee.

The app can either be used as a team or personal version, with the team version being used for a shearing group on a particular property, while the personal version can generate individual shearing statistics.

Mr Paton said the user can enter as much or as little ­detail to record and calculate all relevant shearing ­operations.

Since coming up with the idea at the start of last year, the app was launched for iPad last November, iPhone in April and is soon to be ­released at the Android store for smartphones and tablets.

The app costs $3.79 a month to download, and when the month expires users can resubscribe for another month at the same price.

Mr Paton said most growers received a pack before shearing, containing a tally and wool book, which had about enough pages for two weeks in them, which cost from $7 to $10.

He said the app could be used for the length of ­shearing, often no longer than a month, and then all of the data could be sent via message or email, or simply stored until you resubscribe, even if it isn’t until the following year’s shearing.

Mr Paton said they wanted to make work easier and use technology to do so.

“The idea was to simplify a day-to-day task, and the automatic tally function does that.”

The app also includes an incident report section, a diary and daily planner, camera function, as well as a ­section on the bale descriptions for branding and the latest summary of the Pastoral Award relevant to shearing.

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