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Friday, 26 February 2016 06:47

Agri 360

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Making farmers lives easier with simple, powerful farm management software


With Agri360 you can log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone for all your farm record keeping, compliance, job management and much more. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based app helps keep your farm running smoothly.


Record Keeping

farm record keeping
farm record keeping

Good farming involves good record keeping. How can we make good decisions if we don't know what's happened in the past? With Agri360, record keeping is simple. It only takes a couple of taps on your mobile to make a comprehensive record about anything on the farm, and it's filed neatly in the system for instant retrieval. To do this, we crossed a diary with a filing cabinet, then selectively bred to produce the world's most awesome record keeping software.

  • Customisable for your farming operation.
  • Recall your records easily with our simple search filters.
  • Attach photos and documents to records.

Health and Safety

farm health and safety
farm health and safety
farm health and safety

Two scary words. But they don't have to be. We can help you solve your Health and Safety dilemma with just one click. Upload your H&S Docs into Agri360. Each time you assign someone a task, just click to attach the relevant health and safety document. That way, everyone can get the job done safely. Throw in the interactive farm map showing hazards, GPS location, and they're good to go.

  • End the health and safety paper war.
  • Makes for a safer work environment.
  • Manage and reduce your compliance risks, with one-click!

Task Management


commodity management
commodity management

Tasking in Agri360 is easy, it's like having an assistant do it all for you. Your instructions are clear and easy for others to follow, and they won't forget what to do. When the job's done, the staff or contractor can just click 'complete', and even add some notes or a photo so you know what went on. The average task in Agri360 gets read 2.7 times, which tells us that to get a job done right, it needs to be in Agri360.

  • Eliminate costly mistakes by ensuring you got what you asked for.
  • Track and record tasks on the farm for monitoring, tracking, and improving systems.
  • Assign and monitor jobs from anywhere, whether you're at the Bledisloe Cup in Sydney or lying on a beach in Hawaii.



farm timesheets
farm timesheets

A Timesheet in Agri360 is a place to record the time that you or your employees spent on tasks. Our timesheets are easy to manage, easy to view, and simple to use.

Filters allow you to sort Shifts in a variety of ways, and the print function gives you a well laid out, printable report. Filters also give you information to assist with managing recruitment and future planning. If you make Timesheets part of "the way we do things on farm" then employees will respect the process and jump on board.

  • A record of the actual hours being worked on the farm.
  • Both the employer and employee can monitor that their time records are fair and reasonable in accordance with the employment agreement.
  • Ability to integrate into third party payroll providers.
  • Managers can audit and approve time sheets in real time.


farm record keeping software
farm record keeping software

So, your team has done a great job of keeping farm records and track of tasks, now you need to get the information out for review by interested parties. Perhaps you are chatting to your fertiliser consultant and she needs the history of a particular paddock from you. Jump into your records, click on the paddock, and create/print a report. You can create reports on anything you like!

  • Find out the complete history of a paddock or tag in seconds.
  • Generate reports of your records to print or email.
  • Reports make audit time a breeze.

Interactive Farm Mapping

farm mapping
farm mapping

At the heart of Agri360 is an interactive farm map. Your map sits on satellite imagery, showing your paddocks with their individual paddock names and areas. Use the measuring tool to find the distance of a new fence line, or work out the area for a break-fence. Highlight paddocks/fields so workers can use the GPS locator on their mobile to find the right paddock or location. The interactive farm map makes everything relatable, because it's not all text, it's a picture of the farm.

  • Draw your own farm map for free in Agri360 (our clever software does the tricky part).
  • Everyone finds the right paddock, the first time around.
  • Never race back to the house to print your farm map - your farm in your pocket.


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