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Thursday, 15 March 2018 14:21

Kalyx on the go

Leading national Australian agricultural research company, Kalyx has announced that it will be investing over $1 million during the coming five years in a graduate technical training and employment program.

The announcement formalises the company’s commitment to creating employment opportunities and career paths for young professionals in the bush and builds on its existing graduate program which last year alone saw Kalyx recruit 25 new graduates in regional centres across the country. Importantly, almost half of these graduates were women.

Kalyx National Training Manager Denis Harvey, says that training and the continual development of the company skill base is the number one way to meet the ever increasing requirements of the industry.

“The field of agricultural research is constantly evolving. And while we pride ourselves on always doing a great job, there is always room for improvement. That’s what this training week in Melbourne is really about,” according to Denis.

“This week sees our entire team from around Australia join together for the Kalyx technical training program in Melbourne. We have covered topics such as botany, weed, insect and disease identification, herbicide technology and application, trial methodology, assessment techniques and combined this with key communication training and presentation skills to allow our young researchers to communicate effectively with industry,” he said.

Kalyx Australia Director, Sue McGregor said that she believes that young professionals play an important role in the organisation and says the company isn’t only interested in providing jobs for young people, but a long term career.

“We are excited to help Ag and Science graduates pursue careers as Lead Scientists and or Business Managers working on tomorrow’s agricultural technology,” said Sue.

“In 2012 we recruited our first six graduate trainees. We are proud to say that those six graduates are still an integral part of our business today in roles ranging from Research Agronomist, GLP Study Director to Senior Research Agronomists who lead a team of staff and manage trial programs in new locations.” said Sue.

“Over the years, as an organisation, we have come a long way to make Kalyx a place where people can make a career and a name for themselves. There is now a range of opportunities for staff, be it to operate in geographically different parts of the country or to work in new broadacre and horticultural crops doing different types of research. Graduates at Kalyx have the opportunity to be mentored by senior staff and develop at their pace into a wide variety of roles and there is a clear progression pathway for these young professionals.” Sue concluded.

AgNova Technologies development manager, Anthony DeMonte, applauded Kalyx on its graduate and training initiative saying that companies like Kalyx play a critical role in shaping the future of regional and rural Australia.

“It is a well-known fact that the agriculture sector is battling with an aging and shrinking workforce. Companies like Kalyx, which have the vision to invest in regional Australia through their employees, are not only future-proofing their organisation, but are providing significant social and financial benefits to the areas in which they operate,” Anthony said.

James Perkins and Bridget Doyle joined Kalyx in 2012 as part of the first graduate intake. Fast forward six years, and both are now in operational management roles having recently been promoted and relocated to Corowa and Horsham. They are testament to the company’s commitment to fostering the talents of young Australians and providing a career path in agriculture.

“Working at Kalyx straight out of university has not only provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dream of working in rural Australia, but has given me a solid foundation for building my career in agricultural research with technical training and access to industry mentors by way of the senior team,” said James.

Bridget commented, “Kalyx has provided me with a career path in agriculture that five years ago I could have only dreamed about. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best researchers and managers in the business, and having cut my teeth with Kalyx in WA, I am delighted to now return to my home state of Victoria as Senior Research Agronomist, mentoring young field researchers and managing field operations locally for Horsham.”

Kalyx is now calling for applications for its 2019 Graduate Training Program. For further information, please go to www.kalyx.com.au.

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