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GeoSteer – High Precision Auto-Steering Solution for Broad Acre and Row Crops at an Affordable Price

AutoFarm, the world's pioneer of precision steering solutions for agriculture, is proud to offer a single antenna product, GeoSteer, to complement its widely acclaimed dual antenna system. GeoSteer is compatible with a full range of field applications from tillage to planting, crop spraying and harvesting. Available at all levels of accuracy, GeoSteer is easily upgradeable from WAAS/EGNOS to OmniSTAR® or RTK configuration. Integrated cell modem enables remote real-time service and NTRIP for sub-inch accuracy. Interface support for hydraulic, CAN, mechanical & steer-ready vehicles makes GeoSteer compatible with most leading agriculture platforms.

The GeoSteer Auto Steering Solution includes the following Components:

GeoSteer Control Unit (GCU): Precision Positioning, Control and Communication unit includes GNSS receiver, steering controller, cell modem, diagnostic LEDs and optional RTK or OmniSTAR® capabilities

GeoDock Pro: L1/G1/L2/G2 GPS, GLONASS Antenna, Cell Modem Antenna and Optional Radio Antenna for RTK

Full-Color HD Touchscreen: Supports Flow & Application Control, Multiple Product Rate Control, Planter Control, Yield and Seed Monitoring

Installation Kits: Provides Vehicle Interface Support for Mechanical, Hydraulic, Factory Steer-Ready and CAN (ISO Steering) Vehicles.  Read more


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