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Friday, 20 June 2014 22:16

Syngenta TankCalc

Description The Syngenta TankCalc is a unique tool for easy and efficient calculation of filling plans for spraying. It saves time and ensures high accuracy in the tank mixing based on area, tank size, product, dosage and driving speed. The TankCalc has features like:

• Filling plan with the amount of products, water and number of tanks

• Summary with the total consumption of products and water

• Recommendation for choice of ISO nozzles

• Special features minimizes filling- and driving time All previous entry of products can easily be recalled when calculating a new filling plan. The calculations can be saved and exported and send to your PC – for administrative simplifications and filing of the spraying journals. The application can be personalized with individual language settings, date format, tank size and wind speed settings.

Company: Syngenta




Syngenta Tank calc

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