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Thursday, 11 December 2014 21:47

Scoutdoc - Farm Field Scouting

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ScoutDoc is an easy to use field scouting app for farmers and professional crop agronomists. The app allows users to open a GPS map, document field information, and save information collected when scouting or inspecting field crops.

ScoutDoc has been developed by AgNition, specialists in developing mobile technology for agriculture.

*Simple and easy to use app specifically designed for farmers and crop agronomists for use on the iPad 2 or newer (requires iOS 6.1 or higher)
*Data entry fields are provided to input crop and field identification details plus weed, insect, and disease pressure.
*GPS-enabled maps allow the user to document weeds/diseases/insects in the field
*Field map section allows the user to draw a representative map of each field they are scouting on the iPad using a stylus.
*Field map images can also be uploaded from Photos folders on iPad
*Customizable area allows the user to add information, comments and action plans for each location and crop issue.
*Each scouting document can be saved as a PDF file or a ScoutDoc file (.sdr) which can be stored on the device, shared by email and/or reloaded for future updates.

*In-app purchase allows you to subscribe to the new ScoutDoc Cloud service
*Try before you buy - free 15-day trial available before you purchase
*Allows you to backup your ScoutDoc data to our cloud server where you can log in to export your data and generate reports
*Subscription includes access to future updates

*ScoutDoc allows farmers and agronomists to keep accurate information about the condition of field crops throughout the growing season.
*ScoutDoc improves scouting efficiency and reduces paperwork; no more paper field scouting forms and clipboards.
*ScoutDoc allows the user to save scouting information to their device, in order to reload, update information and save as in order to track a series of site visits.
*ScoutDoc allows the user to share scouting information with others immediately through email. Go to website for more info


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