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Celebrating the launch of its newest smartphone App, Farmboss.

Following the success of Farmhelp, Baletwine’s farming tutorial App Farmboss is promised to be the next step.

Farming operations over recent years have focussed on becoming more productive but now, with ever increasing costs, it’s time to focus on becoming more profitable. 

Baletwine’s Director Richard Brown believes that the Farmboss app will be a great tool to have in the toolbox which will assist farmers with grazing stock to be both more productive and more profitable.

It combines his thirty years of practical farming information with technology, delivering 22 calculators that can be used every day on grazing operations, in the paddock, on the smart phone or tablet. 

It includes budgeting and reporting templates, calculating grass feed requirements and required stock growth rates to meet target weights, it even works out how many staples you need when building a fence and more. 

Nearly half of the calculators have an in-built email facility so that users can email the data to advisors, farm owners, suppliers or just to the home office.

In other words, proven, calculated decision making. The App is downloadable from both the Google Play store and Apples iTunes App Store. 

Whether you’re a sheep farmer in Guatemala or a dairy farmer in New Zealand, Baletwine’s Apps will advance your farming operation.  

Farmboss calculators offers both US or metric measurements so you can choose, simply click the option you prefer in the settings. 

Farmboss needs no signal once it is on your phone. It represents amazing value with 22 calculators. Read more


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