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Rotations to increase stocking rates Part 2: Pasture utilisation

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Land class fencing and rotational grazing has improved pasture utilisation at this MLA Producer Demonstration Site in Holbrook.

A 45ha paddock, on sheep producer John Keogh's property, was fenced into three 15ha paddocks to test how rotational grazing affected pasture performance and productivity.

Results have shown that rotational grazing has reduced over-grazing and grass and clover in the under-utilised area is now growing - producing better quality feed. 

The annual stocking rates for all paddocks is now roughly 

equal, grass growth and ground cover in the over-grazed paddock as increased, and clover content in the under-grazed paddock more than doubled (to 19%) in the year to 2012. 

Access the Evergraze feed budget rotation planner at www.mla.com.au/feedbudgetplanner

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