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Goatmeat Webinar

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This webinar provides a fantastic opportunity for producers to learn more about developments and opportunities with genetic improvements to your herd and ways of managing internal parasite burdens. 

Ben Swain of BCS Agribusiness has worked within the goat industry for a number of years and presented information and recommendations about how producers can turn off more kilograms of meat using modern genetics bred for Australian conditions based on findings from an ongoing Boer Select buck evaluation trial. Ben’s talk referenced the following report: Boer Select Breeders Group Buck Evaluation Program - Measured and Visual Traits which provides a summary of the results from the trial. 

Also during this webinar Dr Johann Schroder, Program Manager Health and Biosecurity of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), a veterinary parasitologist, provided an update on issues associated with and control options for internal parasites as well as supporting resources and documentation producers can utilise.

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