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Saturday, 17 December 2016 08:12

Genetics merger

Australian bovine genetics company, ABS Global, has announced a joint venture with De-Su Holsteins, North America’s leading independent breeder of high NM$ (net merit dollars) and TPI (total performance index) Holstein bulls.

The new company to be formed from the joint venture will be called De Novo Genetics. It represents a further advance by ABS in creating elite and differentiated Holstein genetics focused on helping to increase dairy farmer profitability through improved herd productivity, health and efficiency.
ABS has led the way in introducing the top genomic sires to Australia, having delivered four of the top 10 available Holstein genomic bulls and 20 of the top 50 to the Australian dairy industry, in the December 2016 Balanced Performance Index (gBPI).
“The partnership with De-Su builds on years of effective collaboration between our organizations,” said ABS national sales manager, Paul Quinlan. “De Novo will develop elite and differentiated Holstein genetics for ABS Global customers around the world.
“It is a new opportunity for ABS to continue its pioneering work in animal genetics by combining the best genetics from both De-Su and ABS Global.”
One of the standout De-Su bulls that will join the Australian ABS proven bull team is BALISTO. Balisto is at the top of the Australian Breeding Values list released last week. He has a balanced performance index rating of BPI $ 329 and is also the No.1 type weighted index bull in Australia.
“He was instantly globally popular with his first units of semen and now graduates into the active line-up,” Paul said.
BALISTO is a direct descendant from the 2014 Holstein International Global Cow of the year - Wesswood-HC Rudolph Missy EX-92 3E GMD DOM. This is the same cow family to produce industry icons Supersire, Mogul, Sid, Power-ball and MONTEREY.
“BALISTO is ’the complete package’ - production, type and health,” Paul said. “In fact, he combines three exceptional cow families into one pedigree: Clear-Echo (via Bookem), BWM Georgia (via Watson) and Rudolph Missy.”
His production +255 ASI offers exceptional components (fat and protein %). He breaks through the 300 BPI $ barrier at 329 and is the highest Type Weighted Index (341) bull in Australia. BALISTO is a 4 star TransitionRight™ sire that transmits very good health traits.
“The economic impact of sire genetics on cow health through the transition period is significant,” Paul said. “By using BALISTO, a dairy operation is projected to save approximately $50 per lactation in preventive health costs per cow over breed average sired progeny.”
The fact that BALISTO is an A2/A2 bull with outstanding semen fertility +1.2% is an extra bonus.
Mr Seagull breaks all Australian ranking records
ABS Australia's genomic sire, MR SEAGULL-BAY SANDAL is now the highest ever ranked bull in Australia.
“No other bull has ever ranked higher in Australia on the ABV system,” Paul said.
His impressive BPI $ 343 has set a new record and along with a Balisto son COOKIECUTTER HARPER at BPI $ 337 they hold the top two spots in the Holstein genomic rankings.
“These outstanding rankings are a result of ABS’s aggressive conversion program to ensure our bulls meet Australian genomic selection criteria,” Paul said.
The establishment of De Novo Genetics has more than tripled ABS’s elite heifer program and significantly increased its capacity to produce in-house elite dairy genetics. It has created one of the world’s largest genetic nucleus herds.
The integration of the herds is being aided by similarities in breeding strategies previously pursued by ABS Global and De-Su Holsteins as both were built around developing traits of economic importance to farmers.
“Our herds complement each other well,” said Paul. “In the ABS female program, we have focused on efficiency traits centred on health, production and fitness while De-Su has been nurturing higher productivity and conformation traits.”
Both ABS and De-Su have a long standing commitment to delivering maximum profitability for profit focused dairy farmers through research and genetic selection. They focus on a science-based approach to genetic development, identifying and selecting animals that are genetically superior, rather than relying on the latest ‘hot’ name in the industry.
The joint venture has strengthened ABS’s ability to develop a broad and differentiated range of genetics that will increase its appeal to different types of customer. The elite female program has already been successful in delivering double the number of bulls originally expected and has significantly increased the population of donor cows.
“Over time, the genetics we develop through De Novo will also take the industry forward,” Paul said. “The efficiency traits that we focus on will improve everyone’s bottom line.” 

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