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Thursday, 16 February 2017 12:05

Pork's pipeline

A pipeline of products is being developed to advance Australia’s pork industry and, in some cases, is earning income for ongoing and future research and development according to Pork CRC’s Charles Rickard-Bell.

Last year, the pipeline delivered the Ridley Sow Enrichment Block, which was commercially launched in October, after being launched at the 2016 Pan Pacific Pork Expo.
“The product now has an international patent pending and 170 tonne was manufactured in the first batch,” Rikard-Bell said.
“It is designed to reduce aggression between sows when they are first mixed in groups.
“Use of the blocks is now common practice in modern Australian pork production, and the blocks are delivering positive, measurable outcomes.
“Excitingly, we are about to commission some promising research into refining the block to suit weaners and finishers, rather than just sows.”
Addressing Pork CRC’s February commercialisation and adoption committee meeting in Melbourne, Dr Rikard-Bell also highlighted and updated positive developments in his portfolio.
These included commercialising vaccines for Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP) and swine dysentery, plus diagnostics tests for Lawsonia and swine dysentery. 
“All of these technologies have the potential to impact global pig production, particularly our swine dysentery research,” he said.
“The commercial success of AusScan, a joint venture between Pork CRC and Aunir UK, which made online AusScan near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) calibrations available to customers worldwide two years ago, is a stand-out example.
“Pork CRC revenue from the AusScan business exceeded $A182,000 in the quarter ending December 2016, with soybean meal measurements in highest demand. Test numbers reached 2799 in the December quarter.
“The future is bright, with Pork CRC’s researchers working with industry to identify and investigate more promising technologies, systems and services that can improve pork production profitability and generate a viable income stream for future R&D.”

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