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“iHerd seeks to eliminate the backbreaking hassle of effectively managing your livestock and property”, said Will Wilson, iHerd creator, Queensland station owner and manager.
“With just a few simple taps, you can access all your property details, including sales data, treatment cabinets, tags, and general reporting, something that has traditionally been a very timely process for farmers”.

Following in his father’s footsteps and embracing innovation, Will Wilson from Calliope Cattle Company identified the potential improvements for efficient livestock management.

His vision was to create a mobile-based solution where he could store cattle numbers, and trace cattle in real time. The result was an application that records cattle lost, cattle purchased and monitors treatment processes. It is suitable for a single property owner, multi-property owner, and consortium.

iHerd provides the user with lifetime traceability of the herd such as treatments and location movements and is a more simplistic approach than other tiresome software which requires information to be recorded in the paddock and then entered manually into the computer.

iHerd allows the farmer to enter the information onto the computer server while out in the paddock, therefore saving time. Australian farmers’ awareness of technology is some of the best in the world, and they are embracing iHerd as it revolutionises the way they maintain records.

Will Wilson has teamed up with iApps, an Australian-based market leader in mobile software development. www.iapps.net.au

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