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Monitor your entire fleet from any location with a smartphone or tablet.  The Connected Farm™ fleet app is a powerful management tool for viewing equipment GPS locations and current status information in order to increase fleet efficiency and productivity.

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Status information includes whether the vehicle is idling, moving, working or delayed.  Fleet managers also receive instant alerts when a vehicle travels into a restricted zone or if it is operating during curfew hours.  Like other Trimble® products, the app works well with many equipment brands which provides a flexible solution for fleet managers worldwide.

The free Connected Farm fleet app is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets using an iOS or Android™ operating system.  If you already have a Connected Farm account and subscribed to the vehicle management service, simply download the app and start viewing your equipment in the palm of your hand.  In case you are not a customer yet, a demo function is available to explore the features provided before subscribing to the service.

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