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What is your cost of production? How does your cost of production compare with industry benchmarks? If you increased your herd or reduced your flock – or both – how would it affect your cost of production?

These questions are now easier to answer with MLA’s cost of production calculators now streamlined into a one-stop-shop calculator for cattle, sheep and goats.

The new calculator is easy-to-use, provides helpful prompts along the way (great for those who haven’t calculated their cost of production before), is mobile-friendly and can be used off-line.

It allows cattle, sheep and goat producers to input data for one, two or all three livestock species. For two or more species, producers can compare and contrast the cost of production for each species and also get the results for the entire enterprise.

It also allows users to save various scenarios which they can access at a later time.

Beef and sheep producers can compare their performance with up-to-date industry benchmarks.

The new calculator has been tested by cattle, sheep and goat producers. It takes around 15 minutes to work through the calculator once you have a few key pieces of information at your fingertips.

Cost of production, measured in cents per kilogram, is an indication of the outlay required to produce each kilogram of meat for beef, sheep and goat.

Cost of production is a key factor affecting the profitability of livestock businesses. Calculating it is an important step in assessing herd and flock performance and a first step to making change.

Try it for yourself athttp://tools.mla.com.au/cop/

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