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The Lentils Ute Guide app is designed to assist in the recognition of symptoms including those of disease, insect attack, and poor nutrition in lentil crops, as well as identifying critical issues of best practice in growing and marketing the crop. Go to Apple App Store

screen322x572Veg Pest ID helps farmers and agricultural professionals identify pests on Australian vegetable crops. Even tricky insects, diseases and disorders can be found with a few taps or keyword search.

Built for farmers, agronomists and agricultural consultants, the Crop Disease Application allows users to identify crop varieties and disease ratings in the ute, office or paddock. The app was developed by team of grains pathologist researchers based on research funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation to help with crop selection, disease identification, and potentially the early detection of exotic crop diseases.  Website

Cattle producers now have a new tool for identifying and managing beef cattle lameness with the Step-Up Management Program. Go to Step-Up website

Are you going to a wine party? Overwhelmed by the complex words that are used in the wine industry? Now you too, can sound like an expert. With this App, it easy to learn all the different terms used in the wine industry. We have filled this App with every term imaginable. On a plane? At the Beach? On a picnic blanket in a vineyard? This app makes it easy to start the learning process at anytime, anywhere. Read me

 screen320x480 1screen320x480


Crop diagnostic App, MyCrop, has been updated to include wheat, barley and canola. DAFWA Development officer Kelly Ryan outlines what the free App has to offer growers.



A new mobile app, designed to help farmers and growers value the nutrients found in manures, has been nominated for an award with the Soil Association. The Farm Manure Management Application, informally called the “FarmCrapApp” has been developed by the SWARM Knowledge Hub, a project run by the Rural Business School at Duchy College.

The app, which has been created in collaboration with Rothamsted Research North Wyke, allows the farming community to appreciate the nutritive and economic value of livestock manures. The app provides farmers with an opportunity to visually assess manure and slurry application rates and to calculate what is being provided in terms of available nutrients, as well as giving an estimate of potential savings in purchased artificial fertilisers. Read more


The Farmscan AG Jackal can display flow rate, volume for each batch and accumulated total in litres or gallons. With a large display, it's clearly visible in direct sunlight.
The Jackal also gives you the quantity of water for each spray tank mix. Displaying flow rate, volume for each batch and accumulated total in litres or Gallons.
It's ideal for large spray tanks, especially on part fills or when filling the tank on uneven ground.
A flow sensor is plumbed into the fill line and connected by cable for remote readout in a convenient location.
The screen is illuminated for night work to clearly display water quantities.

Standard Kit Includes

  • Jackal Monitor (A-Jackal)
  • Jackal Bracket (AH-407)
  • Jackal Hardware Kit (AH-Jackal)
  • Power Cable (AC-105)    Check it out here

 The new 2178 with multi-sensor technology takes readings on the left and right side, as well as through the bale, for greater accuracy. The 2178 mounts in the cab of the tractor and provides a direct readout for % moisture while baling hay. Having multiple moisture content readings during each step of the haymaking process is critical to finishing with a high quality product.


  • Bale type: Small square bales and round bales
  • Large LCD display for easy viewing during day or night
  • Average of readings updated and displayed every 2-3 seconds
  • Illuminated keypad and text display
  • ± Moisture offset adjustments
  • User can set the high and low limit of the moisture reading and will be alerted by a buzzer if exceeded
  • Software upgrade via standard USB cable

Due to the many variables associated with hay moisture measurements an occasional "spot check" using a handheld probe on finished bales is recommended.

Operating Range (Moisture): 8% to 40% depending on baler type used Accurate throughout the normal range of stored hay Display Resolution: 0.1% moisture  Check it out here


The new Farming’s Future App by Bayer CropScience presents solutions for a better life through sustainable agriculture. Journalistic, interactive Multimedia-Stories give answers to the pressing questions of our time. Join us as we take a world tour to visit small farmers as well as large agricultural enterprises and gain insights into the food production chain from seed to shelf.  Website

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The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application allows you to easily calculate the amount of product you will need to treat a specific field area, the amount of product you need to apply to a specific tank size, the amount of water you'll need to treat a specific field area or the amount of product you need to get the desired Volume to Volume ratio.

It offers a wide selection of Units of Measure to make it useful anywhere in the world and it gives you the flexibility to enter information using both decimal or fractions.



The Angus Australia APP provides quick and easy access to Angus member searches, Angus cattle and semen sales and a handy link to the Angus Australia web site.

To view a complete rundown on the APP's many innovative features, click here.

All you need to do is delete your old Angus APP (if you have one) and go to the APP store.

Search for Angus Australia - Please note, there are two!  When using an Android device, please choose the one that says Angus, developed by the Agricultural Business Research Instutue (ABRI). Or if you are using an iPhone, select the one titled The Angus Society of Australia.

Then download the APP for free.

Alternatively, to download the App to your iPhone via your web browser click here, or to download direct to your Android Smartphone click here.

We hope you enjoy using the Angus APP.


Click here for more information

SnapCard is a combined smartphone and website app, is free and was developed to assist growers and crop consultants to make smarter decisions on when and how to apply pesticides most efficiently. With your smartphone, you can now use SnapCard to quantify spray coverage from a water sensitive spray card. In addition you can also keep archive records of your spray settings and coverages.

Check at this App in detail click here

The MyCrop App enables you to diagnose wheat, canola and barley production constraints while in the field.

At the centre of MyCrop is an intuitive diagnostic key, which quickly diagnoses a range of possible constraints based on real-time crop and paddock symptoms.

The app also contains an extensive image and factsheet library for 90 in-crop wheat, canola and barley constraints - helping users to accurately identify constraints and determine possible management solutions.

MyCrop covers a broad range of diseases, pests, nutrient deficiencies, herbicide damage symptoms and other management and environmental production issues.




Sharpe Technology Consulting provides software development services for all of your information technology needs. SharpeTech can create software ranging from enterprise class applications down to mobile apps.

Read more.

Description The Syngenta TankCalc is a unique tool for easy and efficient calculation of filling plans for spraying. It saves time and ensures high accuracy in the tank mixing based on area, tank size, product, dosage and driving speed. The TankCalc has features like:

• Filling plan with the amount of products, water and number of tanks

• Summary with the total consumption of products and water

• Recommendation for choice of ISO nozzles

• Special features minimizes filling- and driving time All previous entry of products can easily be recalled when calculating a new filling plan. The calculations can be saved and exported and send to your PC – for administrative simplifications and filing of the spraying journals. The application can be personalized with individual language settings, date format, tank size and wind speed settings.

Company: Syngenta




Syngenta Tank calc


Easily track time and log expenses on-the-go with Harvest, whether you’re online or offline. Use the beautiful timesheet to start a new timer on the train, or stop the one you left running at the office. The expense tracker allows you to upload receipt photos as you enter expenses, and keeps all your records organized. For teams, view your teammates’ timers in real-time and stay in sync on projects. ** Note: This app requires a free or paid Harvest account to track time lightning fast. ** SIMPLE TIME TRACKING & TIMESHEET • Tap to start/stop project and task timers from anywhere • Support for manual entry of billable and non-billable hours • Track time online or offline • View and edit current/previous time entries LOG EXPENSES, CONVENIENTLY • Enter expenses quickly and easily • Submit expenses for client projects • Track mileage and more for reimbursement • Take receipt photos and upload right to Harvest STAY IN SYNC WITH TEAM STATUS • View teammates’ timers in real-time (administrators only) • Review detailed task notes for better project tracking All time and expense entries are seamlessly synced with your Harvest account. Sign in to our web-based client for more features like online invoicing and reporting. With Harvest, you’ll be spending less time managing your timesheet, and more time focusing on the task at hand. Get started today! Harvest Web SiteHarvest Time & Expense Tracker Support What's New in Version 3.0 • A brand new look for iOS 7 • Use last photo taken when adding expense receipts • Better accessibility support for visually impaired users


Field peas: The Ute Guide app will assist in recognising disease, insect attack and poor nutrition symptoms in field pea crops. Also contains best practice in growing and marketing the crop.

  Application features:

· Predictive search for topics
· Progressive Symptom Sorter to identify disease or physical, nutritional or chemical disorders and their management
· Compare photos of field pea disorders or pests side by side with pictures in the app
· Opt to download content updates in-app to ensure you’re aware of the latest research on field peas
· Receive notifications of field pea news from GRDC  Read more



Ability to check weather, put in rainfall and create a ‘PADDOCK I.D’ which lets you add in your paddocks, the year, your variety of seed, the yield and any comments. Readmore

GRDC-InsectInsect ID: The Ute Guide
Insect ID: The Ute Guide is a comprehensive reference guide for insect pests commonly affecting broadacre crops and growers across Australia. Readmore

makes it easy for you to monitor the health and growth of your crops with a simple, graphic chart of each field’s progress.

crop disease Crop diseases application for smartphones

available on the app storeavailable on google play

Built for farmers, agronomists and agricultural consultants, the Crop Disease Application allows users to identify crop varieties and disease ratings in the ute, office or paddock.

The app was developed by team of grains pathologist researchers based on research funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation to help with crop selection, disease identification, and potentially the early detection of exotic crop diseases.

It combines resistance ratings from DEPI's Cereal and Pulse Disease Guides with crop information from the Victorian Winter Crop Summary to help users select the most appropriate crop management strategy for their farm business.

There is the option to check disease symptoms with disease images on the application, map diseases and share photographs of diseases symptoms with friends, agronomists and DEPI.

The application also links to DEPI information notes and National Variety Trial data if the user requires more detailed information on a crop variety or disease.

The DEPI Crop Disease Application developed for Android and iPhone is now available.

Please email your suggestions for the further development of the application to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DEPI's Frank Henry speaks about the Crop Disease App and shows the app in operation



WeedSmart App
A simple tool to assess the weed management for a specific paddock. By answering nine short questions about a paddock’s farming system, the tool will assess herbicide resistance and weed seed bank risk.

HARDI Nozzles
The HARDI nozzle selection tool can help you to choose the right nozzles for the application you are planning. Choose the desired volume and driving speed and select the current wind conditions. More Info

PocketPAM - gpsScout
Collect crop observations, pest and disease records and weed countsthen send your records back to PAM. Use the GPS option to geo-locate your inspection sites. 

More info


Agworld is a powerful cloud based data management system for the Agriculture industry featuring farm planning.

More info

CropMate VarietyChooser

CropMate VarietyChooser is a decision tool for farmers, to help choose varieties of barley, canola, chickpea, faba bean, field pea, lupin, oat, triticale and wheat.

More info


The GrainCorp App provides users with a quick and easy means to access real-time commodity pricing information, site information and site segregation information, for all GrainCorp sites across the East Coast of Australia.

More Info

Agro App allows Agronomists to create and email paddock/field inspection reports whilst on the farm and have it distributed there and then

No matter what sector of Agriculture you are in, Agro App...

  • Works offline where mobile/cell coverage is limited
  • Time saving application
  • Eliminates travel time to the office
  • Standardisation & consistency across all clients
  • Reduced paper work
  • Automatic and centralised filing system
  • Utilises up to date technology
  • Frees up time to increase individual output per day
  • Good return on investment Significant potential to increase bottom line
  • Tax invoice generation
  • Export data in CSV format to accounting packages or excel spreadsheet.

More info

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